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Javone Dr. Love Jones was born in Newark, NJ. (Guyanese at the root).  Javone is an Level Up Success Coach and Empowerment Speaker who turned his disability into possibility.  He was diagnosed with a learning disorder being speech impaired at a very young age.  He spent most of his school-age years in special education courses/classes; yet, he kept a victor image of himself. Despite the claims suggested by doctors and school board members, Javone shares that he didn’t believe he had a disability nor belonged in special ed. He graduated Valedictorian of his 8th & 12th classes.  Eventually, the consistent and cruel judgments about him began to challenge his confidence. Thus creating insecurities and excessive mental and emotional limitations. This led Javone into deep depression through adulthood which also triggered transformation and rebirth in the later years.Electing to use his pain and past traumas as ammunition, he began helping others believe in themselves as well and achieve their core goals in life. Dr Love had learned to love himself in the process and began facilitating his signature workshop, Level Up (year Ex. 2019 ). His workshop provides mindset and goal-setting strategies to help others achieve success…based on his real-life experience of overcoming multiple roadblocks.  This also contributed to him writing his first self-help guide Level Up: How To Start Living Your Best Life Now. His journey to self has sparked the burning desire to assist those on the path to self-discovery.

Level Up: How To Start Living Your Best Life Now

Many people have aspirations in life. They want to be successful. Inside them is the desire to live their best life, but they don't know how to do that. Most of society associates living their best lives with having money and doing lavish things. Yet, I also see many people who have money and live a lavish lifestyle and are still unhappy.

Level Up: How To Start Living Your Best Life Now, will show you how to begin living your best life with the God-given gifts and tools you have acquired up to this point. Everything you have experienced has prepared you to evolve physically, mentally, and spiritually. This book will show you how to align your mind and body as one, as well as guide you to do the inner work that must be completed on yourself to make your best life happen. You can attract all the means you need to make this life your best one. If you're looking to level up when it comes to self-love, relationships, money, and/or success, this book is a must-read.

"Level Up" Is Your Guide To:

Loving yourself, Unconditionally

Building Meaningful Relationships

Manifesting using your Sexual Energy

Developing your Money Mindset

Leaving a Lasting Legacy


You're Only One Process Away From Living Your Best Life, NOW!!!

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